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If you require guidance through the real estate transaction process,we are here to make sure your transaction is processed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Our prices are among the lowest in the Toronto & GTA area. Our professional team has have many years of experience and with our high volume practice, our law firm is able to provide our clients the lowest prices at the highest quality.

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Whether it is a house, condominium, commercial property or castle, most people will find that buying property is the most significant purchase and investment they will ever undertake.

Our dedicated team of real estate lawyers and clerks will simplify the purchase process, while our client-friendly 7-day a week opening hours give you the freedom to complete the transaction at a time and place convenient for you, so you have more time to choose the perfect couch for your new pad!

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Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or somewhere in between, our dedicated real estate team will help to make your property purchase or saleto be very easy, efficient, and simple.

Our thorough process follows the same pattern for all real estate transactions. It’s designed to be convenient for our clients (you!) and to allow us to work effectively with no wasted time.

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Mortgage Refinance

Whether you need to refinance to reduce monthly payments, gain lower interest rates, fund a large project, or simply change mortgage providers, we can ensure the process is quick, smooth and enjoyable.

The refinancing process requires (amongst other work) title searches and reviews, the purchase of title insurance, transferring of funds and the preparation, review and signing of closing documents.

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Transfer of title

If you intend to transfer ownership, add a person or people to a title, or remove a person or people from a title, Greystone Law can ensure the process is smooth, speedy and successful.

Our experienced real estate team has deep knowledge of the process from beginning to conclusion. We understand the ins and outs of Land Transfer Tax, the rules for first-time homebuyers, spouses, parents, children, and more.

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Survivorship Applications

When a property is owned jointly (as Joint Tenants) and one of the owners dies, the surviving person becomes the sole owner. This is called the Right of Survivorship. In order for the sole owner to sell or mortgage the property, the deceased owner must be removed from the title by making a Survivorship Application. We can prepare and register this application for you quickly and efficiently.

Simply call us for a free quote, or pop into one of our offices. We will take some basic details and provide you with an all-inclusive quote covering our flat rate legal fee. There are no hidden fees or extras.

If you receive a cheaper written quote for the same service, we promise to beat it.

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Land title search

A Land Title Search provides documented evidence concerning the history of a property. The usual areas of interest and importance concern people, land and financial issues.

If you are examining a property with the intention of purchasing it, you will want to know if the seller has a saleable interest (whether he or she is legally able to sell the property!). You will want to know who the previous owners were, and whether there are any restrictions or allowances concerning the land; this could include rights of access over the land, or rights to light, water or structural support.

Finally, you will certainly want to know if there are financial burdens attached to the property, such as mortgages, other charges or back taxes.

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Real Estate Lawyer Services

While a perception of increased cost might deter people from using a real estate lawyer in Brampton, its important to understand that non-legal service providers aren't obliged to adhere to the same standards of service as real estate lawyer themselves. It's best to contact our experienced team to make sure your real estate transaction is completed without error.


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Greystone Law worked on my file for house purchase, they provided outstanding support for my purchase despite the delays from the bank and we closed on time! I highly recommend this Law Firm to anyone.

- Ric Iaone

I received sound Legal advice from Greystone Law. You can trust them. The company is very organized with paper work. Harjot is quite attentive to detail & is patient. I would recommend this firm due to its professionalism.

- Adnan Dalan

Greystone Law have both been exceptionally helpful in helping me build my real estate portfolio. Their knowledge has really put me at ease and let me know that I am dealing with the right team. Also, the support staff have been very responsive and worked really hard on more difficult deals.

- Omar Ali